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☆★ St. Rudolph Fic/Art Sign-Ups Post ☆★

The sign-ups are now closed!

☆★ St. Rudolph Fic/Art Sign-Ups Post ☆★

Today is March 19th and that means sign-ups for the

strudy_exchange are officially open! Sign-ups will remain open until April 19th. Please familiarize yourself with the rules and submission guidelines before you sign up.

☆★ How This Works ☆★

All you need to do is copy and paste the official request format below (filled out, of course!) into a comment on this page only and you're set! You are allowed to edit your request in a reply to your request.

☆★ Request Form ☆★

+ Your LJ username:
+ Your e-mail address: (this is mandatory!)
+ Would you prefer to receive fic, art, or do you have no preference?
+ Are you planning on producing fic, art, or do you have no preference?

+ For the fic/art you want written or drawn for you:

1. Three to four preferred pairings and/or individual characters: (No more than four, please!)
2. The type of fic you like to read: (This is where you list some prompts/scenarios and/or little things that you like to see your in your fic/art)
3. What you don't want to read: (You put your squicks in this section)
4. Anything else you want included in your fic or art:

+ For the fic/art you are going to write or draw for someone else:

1. Any characters and pairings you refuse to write or draw: (Pairings/characters you absolutely will not write or draw. Please be reasonable - I don't want to see huge lists here. This is for if you have one or two specific things you really can't do.)
2. Any genres you refuse to write or draw: (Examples of some genres would be: AU, fluff, angst, drama, songfic, smut, romance, etc.)
3. Any ratings you refuse to write or draw: (Maximum rating you will write/draw for)
4. Anything else that you refuse to write or draw: (This is where you put anything else you don't want to write or draw)

Age Statement: (16 and over, please!)

☆★ Important Notes ☆★

1. Please be specific in your request! If there is something you do not want to see or produce then make note of it in your request. It is required that you fill out the entire form as well. When specifying pairings, please write the names of the characters involved rather than a pairing name. It's clearer for people who don't use or know all the names! So, for example, you would write 'Akazawa/Kaneda' instead of 'BakaKane'. Also, The order characters are listed in within a pairing isn't assumed to be terribly important. If you really want to see characters in certain roles then leave a note making this clear.

2. There is an 16 year old age limit. Make sure you include the age statement in your request. Keep in mind I will ask for a voucher if I feel that you are not 16 years of age.

3. Once you sign up, you are obligated to write one fic or draw one piece of art. Do not forget this come June!

4. All ratings, kinks and genres are welcome in this exchange. If you want songfic or AU, then please say so in your request.

5. Have fun signing-up, everyone! Please spread the word of strudy_exchange!

☆★ If you have any questions or queries please comment to the rules/submission guidelines post and/or e-mail me at marinetzer [at] wanadoo.fr ☆★

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