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Hello fellow members!

For the second round of this exchange dynastic nicely accepted to give me the mastering of this community. I hope I'll be a great maintener for you!
And I hope you'll be happy to participate to this round!
So, let's go for the .

☆★ St. Rudolph Fic/Art Exchange Rules & Guidelines ☆★
Welcome to St Rudolph Fic/Art Exchange! This is the second round of an anonymous fic/art exchange that focuses on characters from St. Rudolph. Sign-ups will be open on the 19th of March and will close on the 19th of April.

☆★ Rules ☆★

1. All participants must be at least sixteen years of age. If I am uncertain of your age I may require someone to vouch for you. This is entirely at my discretion.

2. If you sign up you are agreeing to produce as well as request fic/art. You will be assigned one other participant to write/draw for and will have to produce a story/art to match one of their requests. You do not get to choose who you will write/draw for and you may not swap assignments.

3. All fic/art produced must:

-- Be at least 1000 words long. (There is no upper limit and obviously this only applies to fics.)

-- Be Rudolph-centric. This especially applies to central pairings. For the purposes of this exchange, inter-school pairings are not acceptable - Mizuki/Yuuta is an acceptable pairing, but Mizuki/Kirihara is not, because only Mizuki is from St. Rudolph. Similarly, Akazawa/Kaneda would be acceptable but Akazawa/Tachibana would not be. Having characters from other schools present as side-characters is fine, but we really want the focus to be on St. Rudolph themselves here.

-- Be checked over by a beta-reader, it would really be better.

-- Be entirely your own work. Co-authored stories/art pieces are not acceptable, regardless of whether your co-author/co-artist is a part of the exchange or not.

-- Be a new, complete story, not a previously existing piece or part of an ongoing series.

-- Comply with the request you were given. If the person you are writing/drawing for requested a specific pairing and did not want to see porn, write/draw that pairing without porn. Submissions which do not match the requests they are fulfilling will be sent back.

4. There's no restriction on the content or rating of fic/art outside of those specified by requesters. If you really don't want to read/see something for your request, it'd be a good idea to make this clear in your sign-up to make it easier for whoever is writing for you to produce something you'll be happy with!

☆★ Submission Guidelines ☆★

1. All fic/art is due in by the 19th of June in 2009, and should be emailed to me at marinetzer [at] wanadoo.fr. Posting will begin on the 20th of June.

2. When submitting your fic/art, please ensure the html for any formatting you wish to appear in the fic/art (for example, italics) is already included. The fic/art should be entirely ready to post.

Posting on the community is limited to myself and people who will be helping me post fic/art, so you can't post your fic/art yourself; please don't post it elsewhere until the exchange is over, and keep it anonymous. Identifying yourself to your recipient before the authors/artist are revealed rather defeats the point.

3. Please include the following at the start of your fic/art:

Author/Artist: (for my records only)
Warnings: (if any)
Notes: (if any)

4. I reserve the right to return submitted fics for re-writing based on quality or content. (See rules for content requirements.)

5. If for any reason you need extra time or will not be able to complete your assignment, contact me before the deadline. This makes life easier for everyone.

Note: Rules and submission guidelines graciously borrowed from giving_ground from rikkai_exchange.

Sign-up instructions will be provided in the sign-up post itself. :)


St Rudy!
St. Rudolph Fic/Art Exchange

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