January 15th, 2011

Mizu Kisame
  • miundel

Art for hazelandnuts

Title: Comfy Christmas Evening
Recipient: Hazelandnuts
Pairing/Characters: Team ensemble
Rating: G
Disclaimer: They're not mine. :E
Summary: The team enjoys a Christmas holiday evening together.
Notes: Akazawa is yelling because Kaneda is losing, but he looks like he's getting even more distracted by the hand on his shoulder. XD I absolutely loved drawing this, I hope you'll like it too.
I went for the wholeteam and dorm life perspective, your requested pairings are here too, of course, I thought about them while drawing, even if it's not obvious on the picture, I think we can try to figure some dialogue or story here. Mizuki seems satisfied to see his Yuuta winnning, and Atsushi... he seems to enjoy seeing Shinya in trouble. xD
Oh, and in my head they were playing Mario Kart on GC. ^^;

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Mizu Kisame
  • miundel

Fic for crowitched

Title: Something Different
Recipient: crowitched
Characters: Akazawa and Kaneda, with appearances from the rest of the SeiRu ensemble.
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Based on the characters and situations of Konomi Takeshi.
Summary: In which Kaneda goes on his first date, sort of. ( words)
Notes: Dear crowitched, when I started writing, I was fully prepared to focus on your second pairing (Mizuki/Yuuta) until this particular plot bunny came hopping by. Also, I’ve never really tried to portray Kaneda as anything more than part of the ensemble before, so he may be a bit out-of-character here and there. Actually, they both might be out-of-character. Please don’t kill me. Nevertheless, I sincerely hope you enjoy this!

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