January 13th, 2011

Mizu Kisame
  • miundel

Fic for irtion

Title: Dangerous games
Recipient: irtion
Pairings/Characters: YanagisawaAtsushi with a touch of onesided Akazawa/Kaneda and Mizuki, team-fun
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Ummm... ... ... utter moronic chaos-y thingy this is, beware :D lots of hinting, some drinking and an extremely dangerous!Mizuki
Disclaimer: None of this really belongs to me, as much as I'd want them to be... I did write this though :P

Summary: Mizuki has called up people from the St. Rudolph tennis club for a get-together at a ski resort. Things are revealed, chaos ensues... kinda.

Notes: Had bit of a hassle trying to come up with anything at first xP well... something that was worth publishing for someone, that is. My ideas usually are... not for the eyes of the public :D This isn't exactly what you wished for in terms of what you wanted. It's missing the fluffy feeling, but they're older (age not stated) and there's hints of winter sports and Yanagisawa/Atsushi. Not forgetting team fun :P I basically wrote this in a day, so naturally it must suck and it's not even beta'd by anyone. Hope you like it though the ending... ...well, sucks a bit <3

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