January 7th, 2011

Mizu Kisame
  • miundel

Art for rai_kai_lai

Title: With Friends Like These...
Recipient: rai_kai_lai
Pairing/Characters: AkazawaKaneda, Background!YanagisawaAtsushi, Background!Mizuki
Rating: G
Warnings: Uh... Questionable proportions?
Disclaimer: Not mine/These characters belong to Konomi Takeshi

Summary: 1. Kaneda blames Akazawa for this entire situation. Akazawa just tells him to keep running.
2. Mizuki doesn’t do anything in half measures, including Christmas. The rest of the team helps. Thank goodness Mizuki is willing to take pity on those who fell asleep.
Notes: I tried to include as many things from your list as possible, and I hope you enjoy them! ^_^ (For the first one, it’s, uh… perhaps not the most conventional scenario of them helping each other out, but I hope you like it)

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