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Christmas 2010 Masterlist!

Sure you were waiting for it, now is the moment we reveal everything. :D

Master List Of Fics & ArtCollapse )

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Art for hotarukunn

Title: 'Tis The Season
Recipient: hotarukunn
Pairing/Characters: Atsushi & Mizuki
Rating: big fat G
Warnings: Dodgy anatomy! Dodgy hands! Dodgy background! Mizuki is in it!
Disclaimer: I don't own St. Rudolph or these characters, this is for fun and not for profit-!
Summary: "Mizuki-san, I don't want to wear it." (There was pretty much no way this wasn't going to happen.)
Notes: This looks much nicer irl, I'm sorry. :/

'Tis The Season for Hotaru KuunCollapse )

Fic for starianprincess

Title: Sick and Tired
Recipient: Starian Princess
Pairing/Characters: Shinya / Atsushi
Rating: PG
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: I don't own these characters, nor am I making any money from them. I merely borrow them from time to time.
Summary: Shinya's has a cold and Atsushi's stuck taking care of him.
Notes: I tried to get all of the prompts in there. Hope you enjoy it.

Sick and Tired for StarianPrincessCollapse )


Fic for dnakapula

Title: Just Me
Recipient: dnakapula
Pairing/Characters: Mizuki/Mizuki, Akazawa
Rating: M
Warnings: Selfcest counts, no?
Disclaimer: I don't own Mizuki, nor Bakazawa (or TeniPrui in general) Konomi-sensei does.
Summary: Mizuki gets a quite odd visit.
Notes: There's one Mizuki, and the other's “The Other” or similar, to keep them apart. I might've picked up the oddeset of the things you asked for, I dunno, but I wanted to do it. It was so very tempting~ *grin*

Just Me for DnakapulaCollapse )


Fic for crowitched

Title: Something Different
Recipient: crowitched
Characters: Akazawa and Kaneda, with appearances from the rest of the SeiRu ensemble.
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Based on the characters and situations of Konomi Takeshi.
Summary: In which Kaneda goes on his first date, sort of. ( words)
Notes: Dear crowitched, when I started writing, I was fully prepared to focus on your second pairing (Mizuki/Yuuta) until this particular plot bunny came hopping by. Also, I’ve never really tried to portray Kaneda as anything more than part of the ensemble before, so he may be a bit out-of-character here and there. Actually, they both might be out-of-character. Please don’t kill me. Nevertheless, I sincerely hope you enjoy this!

Something Different for CrowitchedCollapse )


Art for hazelandnuts

Title: Comfy Christmas Evening
Recipient: Hazelandnuts
Pairing/Characters: Team ensemble
Rating: G
Disclaimer: They're not mine. :E
Summary: The team enjoys a Christmas holiday evening together.
Notes: Akazawa is yelling because Kaneda is losing, but he looks like he's getting even more distracted by the hand on his shoulder. XD I absolutely loved drawing this, I hope you'll like it too.
I went for the wholeteam and dorm life perspective, your requested pairings are here too, of course, I thought about them while drawing, even if it's not obvious on the picture, I think we can try to figure some dialogue or story here. Mizuki seems satisfied to see his Yuuta winnning, and Atsushi... he seems to enjoy seeing Shinya in trouble. xD
Oh, and in my head they were playing Mario Kart on GC. ^^;

Comfy Christmas evening for HazelandnutsCollapse )


Fic for irtion

Title: Dangerous games
Recipient: irtion
Pairings/Characters: YanagisawaAtsushi with a touch of onesided Akazawa/Kaneda and Mizuki, team-fun
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Ummm... ... ... utter moronic chaos-y thingy this is, beware :D lots of hinting, some drinking and an extremely dangerous!Mizuki
Disclaimer: None of this really belongs to me, as much as I'd want them to be... I did write this though :P

Summary: Mizuki has called up people from the St. Rudolph tennis club for a get-together at a ski resort. Things are revealed, chaos ensues... kinda.

Notes: Had bit of a hassle trying to come up with anything at first xP well... something that was worth publishing for someone, that is. My ideas usually are... not for the eyes of the public :D This isn't exactly what you wished for in terms of what you wanted. It's missing the fluffy feeling, but they're older (age not stated) and there's hints of winter sports and Yanagisawa/Atsushi. Not forgetting team fun :P I basically wrote this in a day, so naturally it must suck and it's not even beta'd by anyone. Hope you like it though the ending... ...well, sucks a bit <3

Dangerous games for IrtionCollapse )



Dear members,

I'm sad to tell you that I won't be able to post tomorrow if I don't receive the three submissions I'm waiting for since some time.
Why? Because some of you worked hard for some people, and I don't want them to have their part before giving theirs. It's just a matter of justice.
I really wanted to avoid speaking about it online, as I want to administer all that in the shadows so everyone can have fun, but I start to get very anxious, depressed and kinda (I won't lie) angry about it.

Doing this exchange should be nice and friendly, and people can't seem to be able to use the time they're given efficiently, and are always late, and I have to go after them ALL THE TIME to ask if they're done. Please, be mature and responsible. You sign for an exchange, just follow the RULES.
I think I'm not a despot, am I? I just wanting everything to go well.

After each round, I'm so disappointed I want to give up. But I do another round because people have fun with this (and I really have too), but all the time I have this kind of problem and it's annoying.

We all have a life, I have too, and I think about this problem too much lately and I'm very stressed.

I refuse to give names, but I think you'll know who you are. I'm very sad I have to put this online. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. A post like this shouldn't belong on an exchange community.

Art for fuefuki_san

Title: A happy new year from Yuuta and Mizuki
Recipient: Fuefuki-san
Pairing/Characters: Yuuta/Mizuki
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Not mine!
Summary: Yuuta and Mizuki bake some cupcakes.

A happy new year from Yuuta and Mizuki for Fuefuki-sanCollapse )


Art for rai_kai_lai

Title: With Friends Like These...
Recipient: rai_kai_lai
Pairing/Characters: AkazawaKaneda, Background!YanagisawaAtsushi, Background!Mizuki
Rating: G
Warnings: Uh... Questionable proportions?
Disclaimer: Not mine/These characters belong to Konomi Takeshi

Summary: 1. Kaneda blames Akazawa for this entire situation. Akazawa just tells him to keep running.
2. Mizuki doesn’t do anything in half measures, including Christmas. The rest of the team helps. Thank goodness Mizuki is willing to take pity on those who fell asleep.
Notes: I tried to include as many things from your list as possible, and I hope you enjoy them! ^_^ (For the first one, it’s, uh… perhaps not the most conventional scenario of them helping each other out, but I hope you like it)

With friends like these... for Rai Kai LaiCollapse )